The Project - Narrating Resilience, Achieving Happiness? Toward a Cultural Narratology
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Research Group / Naresh

Narrating Resilience, Achieving Happiness? Toward a Cultural Narratology (PID2020-113190GB-C22) is one of two joint projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation under the broad title Narrativas de la felicidad y la resiliencia / Narratives of Happiness and Resilience. Its coordinated project is The Premise of Happiness: The Function of Feelings in North American Narratives (PID2020-113190GB-C21).

Drawing on the previous research conducted by the team of Narrativas de resiliencia: enfoques interseccionales sobre literatura y otras representaciones culturales contemporáneas (FFI2015-63895-C2-2-R), NARESH engages the connection between resilience and happiness in transversal ways that extend resilience thinking to the field of the humanities.

NARESH has four main Objectives

1. engage from feminist, postcolonial, Indigenous and environmental theoretical counter-discourses with contemporary literary and cultural representations of (un)happiness and resilience emerging from English- and Spanish-speaking regions of the world

2. help build a narratology of resilience that combines its focus on content and context with attention to the narrative form, developing fresh vocabularies and theoretical approaches to discuss both literary and cultural developments

3. explore the distinct ways in which narratives of resilience and happiness affirm, question, or critique ways of being in the world

4. probe the potential performative force of resilience narratives for worldmaking, influencing how we perceive and transform reality

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